Autumn is starting

There is no sugar coating the facts: summer is over, autumn is starting. However, we are still far
from the cold nights and chilly days of October, so vacation time is not just yet over.
The temperatures are friendly, the sun is shining regularly and the nights are warm enough to enjoy
a romantic fire in the fireplace. It is the best time to enjoy hiking the forest and trails around
Suncuius and Zece Hotare.

The routes to the caves in the area, Vadu Crisului, Suncuius,, Meziad or Farcu will now be free, so
you can actually enjoy the nature around you instead of walking in line with many others. The wild
beach in Suncuius is, from now on, wild again, and a great spot for your memorable Instagram

The surrounding forests are boasting with all sorts of mushrooms, from the delicious porcini to the
beautiful, yet deadly, fly agaric (amanita muscaria). A hike this time of year is a pleasure fot both the
amateur chef and the plant photographer. Other treats of the woods these days are blackberries and
other sorts of wild berries.

Should you book a stay at Dolina Village, in Zece Hotare, you can spend your time doing all of the
above, or simply do nothing but enjoy the silence of the nature surrounding the place.
If you’re still not convinced that this is the place to spend your autumn vacation, from the 15th of september you can book our traditional houses and glamping tents for low-season prices.

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