Sunny day sleigh ride!

The spontaneous sleigh – ride

What do people do in the countryside during winters, you might ask. Well, they ride a horse drawn sleigh with their neighbours!

No, of course we don’t do that every day, but when we do, it’s a moment of pure joy and excitement; and yes…we are grown-ups. Yesterday was one of these days; the sun was up, the air was chilly and the snow well set. We were enjoying a hot cup of coffee, while looking out the window when the phone rang. It was Marius, our neighbour and one of the last people in Zece Hotare who owns a horse and sleigh.  It’s a perfect day for a sleigh ride, he reckoned and oh, did we agree! 

One hour later, we were all dressed up and sitting on the sleigh. There was room for us and our guests at Casa Bătrână, the first of our vacation homes, here in Zece Hotare. Dinu, the horse, did his very best to show us a good time and gave us a tour of the surrounding hamlets belonging to the village of Șuncuiuș. For us, this was the first ride in years, but for our guests, it was the first ride ever!

So, if you’re up for a sleigh-ride, keep an eye on the weather report for Șuncuiuș, Bihor and book your winter stay at Dolina Village.

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