Young entrepreneurs helping each other out

Starting up a business is not easy for anyone. The story is no different for us and our project, Dolina Village. We’ve spent the past two years building and remodeling old houses and platforms for the glamping tents. Except for almost all our time, building this business also cost us quite some money.

At the end of these two years, we have three lovely vacation homes and four comfortable glamping tents to show for our work. However, we still need to promote the place, bring it under public attention. This is the challenge for us right now.

We can’t afford to hire professionals to film, write and share about us. Thus, we decided to do things differently and offer an exchange of services: a stay in one of our vacation homes for a set of photographs and/or films of Dolina Village and the surroundings.

During the past weekend we had the pleasure to welcome the first videographers, Robert and Iasmina, a young couple from Arad. Making video materials is both a profession and hobby for the two, who love travelling in search of new stories for their Youtube channel. They enjoyed a relaxing weekend at Casa Batrana and took the time to make videos with both a drone and the camera. The result is a set of great images of winter in Zece Hotare. We are really happy with this outcome and want to take this opportunity to thank Robert and Iasmina for their work.

For the future, we hope to welcome more content creators (amateurs or professionals) to enjoy some time at Dolina Village in exchange for what they do best: photographs, videos, articles etc. Should you be interested in a collaboration, let us know at

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